Dr. Pavithra is a dedicated Dental Surgeon who obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from Asan Memorial Dental College and Hospital in Chengalpet. With a passion for advancing her skills and knowledge, she underwent specialized training at Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital, further enriching her expertise in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Pavithra’s commitment to providing cutting-edge dental care is evident in her pursuit of advanced training in various dental techniques and technologies. She is proficient in advanced Laser Dentistry, which allows for precise and minimally invasive dental procedures, resulting in improved patient comfort and faster recovery times. Additionally, her training in Implant Dentistry equips her with the skills to restore missing teeth with natural-looking dental implants, enhancing both function and aesthetics for her patients. Dr. Pavithra is also well-versed in the use of the Rotary Endo system for root canal treatments, ensuring efficient and effective treatment outcomes.

As a specialist in esthetic dentistry, Dr. Pavithra is dedicated to enhancing the appearance of her patients’ smiles. She offers a range of esthetic treatments, including teeth whitening and aesthetic fillings, to help patients achieve their desired smile goals. Her meticulous attention to detail and artistic eye enable her to create beautiful, natural-looking smiles that boost her patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Pavithra is passionate about promoting oral health awareness in the community. She actively organizes and participates in regular dental camps, providing free dental check-ups and treatments to underserved populations. By educating the public about the importance of oral health and preventive dental care, she strives to improve overall oral health outcomes in her community.

Dr. Pavithra’s dedication to her patients’ well-being and her commitment to excellence in dentistry make her a trusted and valued member of the dental profession. Her blend of clinical expertise, compassion, and commitment to community service embodies the ideals of modern dentistry, ensuring that her patients receive the highest quality of care possible.